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  • What is Observe & Report?
    Founded in 2019, Observe & Report is a creative development and production company based in New York. Inspired by the work of The Santa Fe Institute, O&R developed Insight Language as a global syntax for mapping collaborative insight, optimizing collaboration in advertising and media operations. With Insight Language, O&R strategies allow interdisciplinary expert teams to produce work that self organizes and reveals emergent behavior.
  • What are O&R's Services?
    Production Creative Development Media Production Content Strategy Operations Business Development Production Management Creative Operations
  • What is Insight Language?
    Insight Language is a framework for expert collaboration. With Insight Language, insights are viewed as three parts: Definition, Attributes, and Position. What is Insight Language
  • What is D.A.P.?
    With insight language, an insight is viewed one whole composed of three parts: D: Definition The goals and limitations of an insight. A: Attributes The fundamental components of an action. P: Position The relationship of an insight's Attributes. Learn more
  • What does Insight Language do?
    Insight Language provides a syntax for collaboration. With Insight Language, experts from different fields can track the development of their shared endeavor. By handling a complete concept as three parts, feedback and management becomes more strategic and efficient. Insight Language in Action
  • The History of Insight Language
    Insight Language is the product of research in the media production and development space. The three parts of an insight cover the elemental foundations of an idea, and compose the overwhelming majority of time spent developing, building, and revising an idea before completion.
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221 East 32nd Street,

Unit #3

New York, NY 10016

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